Smoothies, Juices and more!

Smoothies smoothies smoothies! I try to make them everyday, for my daily dosis of fruit and vegetable! Here is a quick post of my current favorites, with some mouth watering pictures. Curious what I used to create these tasty smoothies? Read further!

Summer Glow
SmallĀ Banana
An Apple
2 Oranges
Handful of freshly cut pineappleĀ 
3/4 ice cubes


Sweet Pink
Handful of Kale
8 Raspberries
Half a Pear
Handful of freshly cut pineappleĀ 
Alpro Soya Coconut Milk


Green Monster
Handful of Spinach
A Kiwi
Half a Pear
1 Orange
Alpro Soya Coconut Milk


Q: What are your favorites? I’m always in for something new, so let me know!


  3 comments for “Smoothies, Juices and more!

  1. januari 20, 2015 at 6:34 pm

    Heerlijke smoothies <3!

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