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I’ve always been very interested in slow-juices in general, or a detox with slow-juices! After a colleague of mine told me about his experience with the Princess Vitapure Slowjuicer, I did some extra research online and found out it was affordable too, and on sale! Before I knew it, I ordered my very first Slowjuicer and loving it still…


A slowjuicer makes perfect fresh juices out of almost every fruit or vegetable you can imagine. Even though it’s quite an expensive investment, it helps to increase your intake of all natural vitamins and nutrients. For my first time ‘slowjuicing’, me and my roomie tried out all different kind of combinations and ended up making a green veggie juice & sweeter orange juice.

In my honest opinion, this machine is very easy to use & to clean! I’m not someone who reads the instruction manual carefully, but just starts – and that worked out perfectly. It makes perfect juice out of carrots, spinach, oranges and strawberries for example, but a banana or avocado are too ‘smoochy’ for instance. It does give some juice, but the waste is too much.

IMG_6177 IMG_5934IMG_7373

I ordered my Princess Vitapure Slowjuicer at the Dutch webshop, on sale for €96,99! It’s said that an slowjuicer yields more juice than a traditional juicer, and juices contain 86% more vitamins and enzymes. Way to live a healthy life! I really wanna try to find a moment to ‘Slow-Juice’ on my free Sunday, and make a little stock for the rest of my week. You van easily store it in the freezer and another reason to use my mason jars!


Q: You’ll gonna see more on my Instagram, when I’ve tried out a new juice! What is your experience with slowjuicers/slowjuices? I’m dying to know if you’ve got some recipes ideas!


  2 comments for “Slowjuicer – Princess Vitapure

  1. Patricia
    september 1, 2015 at 8:17 am

    Mijn slowjuicer is ook gelijk besteld! Al een tijdje op zoek naar een redelijk betaalbare slowjuicer aangezien ik nog steeds een student ben.
    Nu op zoek naar heerlijke recepten. Thanks for sharing!!
    X Patricia

    • september 9, 2015 at 11:25 am

      aah top! love to share en fijn dat je hem hebt gevonden 😀

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