Prosciutto Salad with Melon and Goatcheese

First of all: I’m happy to be back! I will immediately indulge you with an easy, but de-li-cious salad recipe. I’m a sucker for the sweet-and-salty combination and this salad has got it all! You can have it for lunch, but also for dinner. And since honeydew and other melons currently taste at their best, it’s the perfect season for this combination. Find out what you need for this salad below the picture!



Pieces of a fresh and ripe Honeydew Melon
Goat Cheese to liking
Slices of Prosciutto: Parma Ham
Cherry Tomatoes
Mixed Salad

Simply cut everything up into small pieces and mix it together in a bowl! Quickly roast the pinenuts to add an extra crunch. Finally I add a dressing made of pesto, olive oil and a dash of honey. Mix it through the salad and it’s ready to serve!



Q: Do you need more salade inspiration? Let me know, I’ve got tons of recipe ideas for you guys!


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