Photo Diary #9

My oh my, last couple of weeks were so busy! I couldn’t find the time to shoot photo’s or upload anything and todays’ photo diary will give you an idea what I was doing all this time. It’s a mixture of my busy work days, graduating, birthdays, an actual birth & days off. I hope you’ve guys missed me, since I’ve missed IT! So enjoy.


Lets go back a few weeks; together with my family we always have at least one dinner night together! I love these little moments we have with each other. I’ve also handed in my first version of my thesis.

IMG_7746.JPGSometimes I needed to find time to work out, due to over-stress-eating! Prepped this jummy melon and parmaham salad for lunch the other day, you can find the recipe here!

IMG_7747.JPGVery basic dinner! Some fish with quinoa/bulgur and green beans! And my roomie found out she passed her exam and thesis, so I surprised her with some balloons.

IMG_7747.JPGI looovee the weekend! Together with my besties Mitra and Daisy, I went shopping in Antwerp. And the summer really started in the Netherlands, which means outdoor running in the early morning sun.

IMG_7748.JPGAfter work dinner-picknick near the ‘coast’ with the BF. And another food pic of some delicious Surinam food, made by my brother in law!

IMG_7750.JPGYeah, good weather means finally having the chance to wear summer clothes! I wore this cute co-ord from the Bershka. I’ve also worked out again – tripple huray – and enjoyed the protein snack!

IMG_7748.JPGFirst beach day was a fact ! We visited the beach of Noordwijk aan Zee and went for tapas & cocktails afterwards. We can’t wait to go on holiday to our favourite city Barcelona…

IMG_7750.JPGAnd then THE DAY came I finally GRADUATED! I was so happy, happy as a bird! Goodbye THESIS, goodbye University of Amsterdam.. Hello work life, which I’ve already started with.

IMG_7751.JPGJust to give you an idea of what my dinner looks like: Spaghetti Carbonara and a home-made Fish Burger. Not the healthiest, but not bad hey?


How lovely are these cute roses my roomie Daisy got me? thanks babe! I’ve also finally found the time to finish Anna Nooshin’s book On Top – loved it. And I’ve spend my free Saturday just laying in the Vondelpark with my girl Naomi, quality time!

IMG_7749.JPGSunday the 12th of July my little baby princess Amaya was born! My sister Gezina¬†and brother (in-law) became parents to the sweetest, cutest and most precious baby girl. Words can’t even describe this feeling!

IMG_7744.JPGTogether with Martijn I sold some old stuff, clothing and shoes on the Amsterdam flee market, the Ij-hallen. Afterwords we were so hungry so invested our money in some good food. Shit, there goes my bikini body…

IMG_2273And last weekend, it was my mothers’ 51st birthday! We celebrated with the family, some food and more food. Why does everything fun includes food? I Love these beautiful ladies I call my family.

O help me God, that the upcoming weeks I’ll work-out more often, will eat healthy 9 out of 10 times and still enjoy all the fun times, my happy life is filled with!

Thanks for stopping by & see you next time!


  2 comments for “Photo Diary #9

  1. Gezina van den Bergh
    juli 20, 2015 at 6:38 pm

    Super leuke foto’s!! Heerlijk leven en zo blij dat ik dat allemaal met jou kan delen :) you’re the best!! X

    • juli 22, 2015 at 9:01 pm

      ah, I love that you’re such an important part of my life! hihi kusjes

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