Photo Diary #7

I’m backkk!!

In case you were wondering: I was caught up in work & school. I’ve had such hectic weeks, but also had some time to relax from all the stress. This photo diary gives you a glimps of the last month, so it’s kind of an April photo diary. Enjoy!

IMG_5831Weather is getting better and better in the Netherlands. This calls for sandals! I got mine from the Primark. And after work, the sun was still shining!

IMG_5829Made some quesadilla’s somewhere during the weekends’. Cheese, chicken, guacamole and more cheese! LOVE it. Let me know if you want the recipe. I also dyed the roots of my hair a little darker for a better transition; another selfie!

IMG_5830I do work out, but not as much as I want to! :( I hope I can finish my school quickly and fully get back on track with my fitness. Dinner was some Indonesian rendang stew, jummy! 

IMG_5828My little Noah bear with his cute star shirt. He is even more tanned than me! For lunch I often eat this simple but filling quinoa salad. #stayinghealthyatwork

IMG_5826During a day off in the weekends’, I went shopping in Amsterdam with le boyfriend. It turned out to be such a lovely day. There was a fair, so I couldn’t resist indulging on some cotton candy!

IMG_5822.JPGThrowback to such a fun day: Kingsday! If you’re not from the Netherlands, one of the best times here is during Kingsday – 27th of April. We went to a festival and danced all day without wearing a jacket! And oeps.. no orange here, only my donut.

IMG_5824.JPGAnother weekend..another trip! Weekend at the coast of Zeeland. Funfact: I had never been to Zeeland before, while it’s in my own country haha. And I was such a happy girl when I spotted these jummy macaroons in a cute shop.

IMG_5825.JPGWe’ve also visited the capital of Zeeland, Middelburg. It’s a cute and very Dutch city with some beautiful old buildings. Since the sun was shining – again – I treated myself to this lovely cocktail!

This was a small recap of the month April! Upcoming week you can expect more blogs and I will upload another photo diary next week. Can’t wait to share more with you guys! Have a nice Monday.


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