Photo Diary #6

Monday means photo-diary-day! At least when you’re visiting my blog. Thanks for stoping by and hope you enjoyed your weekend. Maybe some of you know or noticed I started a full-time job. So my daytime activity evolves around my new working environment. But still, I’ll try to make up nice photo diaries with loads of foodpics and weekend-insights. So here’s another one!


Monday we celebrated ‘2nd Easter day’ at the in-laws. Pff.. more food and chocolate! And I also received this nice cocos oil from Aman Prana, perfect for cooking! Check out my review.

IMG_5094Food-party with some of my friends I went to school with. We don’t see each other as much as we want to, but when we do, we just cannot stop talking! We went for dinner at a place called Everything on a Stick in Amsterdam. Perfect for wine & dine & chit chat!


I also posted this picture on my Instagram account with the caption: ‘Can’t go without my morning shake!’ And this may sounds boring, but this is really how my day usually starts. As said, at my new job I try to eat healthy. Here is one of my lunches’ from last week. Spelt crackers with cottage cheese, avocado and smoked chicken.

IMG_5095Friday the sun was shining and for the first time it really felt like spring in the Netherlands! Unfortunately I had to work, but knew I had a weekend filled with birthdays’. In the evening I dressed up and wore my new dress from a little boutique in Almere.

IMG_5087Do I need to say more? Fun times with friends & loved ones. Birthday party of my girls Gisela & Mitra, with loads of food and dancing.

IMG_5092And it also was my boyfriends’ birthday! I baked him pancakes in the morning and we enjoyed our day off. Happy birthday baby, hope you will keep your new shoes clean! Hahah..

Looking at my own photo-diary, I know I know.. so many cheats! I can blame the birthdays, the dinner party and the full-time job, but it’s just me lacking in discipline. This week I’m going to proof what I’m made of! Shall we do it together?


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  1. april 14, 2015 at 10:54 am

    Another great photo diary! I can’t stop saying how much I LOVE that peachy coloured dress on you 😉 <3

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