Photo Diary #5

Happy Easter to everyone around the globe! It’s so lovely to see that my readers, yeah you, are coming from so many different parts of the world. Of course the majority is Dutch, since I’m from the Netherlands myself. But also people from the UK, Spain and France, and occasionally even people from the United States, Brazil or South-Africa visit my blog! Big shoutout to all my lovely readers and now, lets move on to my 5th Photo (food) Diary!

 IMG_4725I’m happy my photo diary’s are a popular feature, since I really like making them! On the side, an easy green salad before going to the gym. It was so extremely windy outside last week!

IMG_4709 2I love my mason jars! And I re-discovered cottage cheese; perfect with some avocado & turkey for my healthy fats and protein. After dinner at my sisters’, she surprised us with these jummy ‘pink velvet’ cupcakes!

IMG_4711 2Meal-prep in the evening! Quinoa salad with chicken & veggies, and half an avocado. Started at my new job last week, of I go!

IMG_4713 2Another day at work, alongside with another prepped meal! I promised myself I would do my upmost best to maintain healthy at work. Since easter was on its way, everyone was given this box of chocolate..oh oh.. For dinner I had one of my favorites; Chicken & Avocado wrap!

IMG_4712 2

When I try to cut out carbs, I eat light for dinner: Grilled salmon and stir-fried beans! After my dinner I went for a Body Combat lesson, one of my faves! It’s so energetic and tough. And yeah, mini shoulders & bicep are showing.

IMG_4714 2

Fri-yay! I made this Surinam dish for me and the BF, with chicken in peanut sauce hihi. Of course I had to go to the gym afterwards to limit the carb-damage.


It was easter during the weekend, so that means FOOD-time! Me and my roomie invited our families over for brunch. I really don’t mind spending time in the kitchen. We baked pancakes, made croissants, ate chocolate.. mama mia! And I love this photo of my mom, sisters and I, and the little baby that is on her way!


Family & Food, what’s not to love? And the weather was so nice. Hope you guys are still enjoying your weekend since it’s the ‘2nd easter day’. And yeey, saw that I got +1000 followers on my Instagram account! So glad to see this progress. Thanks for all the love & support.


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  1. Gezina
    april 6, 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Super leuke foto’s Jenny!! Loooove it :)

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