Photo Diary #4

Ready for another photo diary? This one include a lot of foodpics, so it’s more of a food diary. But a girl gots-to-do, what a girl gots-to-do, and that’s eat! I hope you enjoy!

IMG_4482Coffee is always a good idea on Mondays’! Especially a perfectly made cappuccino. For dinner I had a simple chicken and quinoa salad. I always have this for dinner or lunch when I have no inspiration what so ever.


Perfect warm oatmeal with pear in the morning! Topped with cinnamon, jummy! Let me know if you’re curious about my recipe. Tuesdays’ my sister bought these easter eggs, omygod! I’m a sucker for white chocolate.

IMG_4485I love to try out new things! My gym introduced ‘Jumping Fitness’ to their program, and I really really liked it! You easily burn +/- 900kcal in 1 hour. And another thing I really really like is goatcheese, so treated myself with a big ass salad for lunch.

IMG_4479A week doesn’t go by without making protein pancakes! I layered them and topped them of with low-fat raspberry quark, doesn’t it look like a pie? And I scored these cute mason jars, see my article for more pictures.

IMG_4477Putting my mason jar to the test! Photo-bomb by my boyfriend, who is my number one ‘test-person’ when it comes to tasting new things. And Dutch ‘Haring‘ for lunch; I really love it! Especially with a lot of pickles.

IMG_4478Deadline of my thesis is coming closer and closer, whaah! Simple spelt toasts with beef fillet and coffee for breakfast. I wanted to go for a run, but it was raining all day. So I took a spinning class with Evert! Who also takes spinning classes with club virtual?

IMG_4476Major cheatttt! I was craving sushi for weeks, so I went on a dinner date with the BF during the weekends. And no, I didn’t eat that cake. Unfortunately. I’m just very happy for my sister the cake & bake boss! Check out her instagram to indulge yourself with her creations.

 Q: Let me know which one of my recipes you would like to see, okay?

Thanks for stopping by.


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