Photo Diary #3

It’s Monday again, that means a new a photo diary! I studied a lot, worked out a lot and visited a new salad bar in Amsterdam. Since I came back from my girls weekend on Monday, my ‘week’ started on Tuesday. Get ready for another pic overload!


I started of my week with one of my favorite protein snacks: Low fat quark with some honey & nuts! In the afternoon I did some grocery shopping and ran into my mother. Love you mommy!

IMG_4104I added kickboxing to my weekly schedule for a month now, and I can tell my shoulders and back are getting leaner! Don’t mind the smooch face. Rewarded myself with some quark & banana!

IMG_4106On Wednesday I spent time at school, meeting my supervisor and working on my thesis. Afterwards I visited this nice salad bar near my school in Amsterdam; Urban Salad! I went for a the ‘Urban Beef Salad’, which had red peppers in it: spicy but jummy!

IMG_4106And more salad! But in disguise. I made these jummy lettuce wraps, with seasoned chicken en hoemoes. Most of the time, one of my sisters or friends pick up me by car to go to the gym, but since I was on my own I went running to the gym!

IMG_4105 I woke up early the next day to work on school all day! Breakfast in bed hihi. I also dyed my hair somewhere in between and I will show the results soon! In the evening I was too lazy to cook dinner, so we ordered in Surinam food: Roti & Nasi!

IMG_4105After another study day, I prepared an early dinner: Butter chicken with couscous! During my girls weekend we also had this for dinner, so delish! Not the most healthy choice, but went for an intensive legday afterwards.

IMG_4107During the weekend I babysitted my nephews and cuddled with my Noah-bear for a while. For lunch I had one of my favorite salad combinations: Goatcheese with smoked turkey stripes, pinenuts and a honey dressing!

IMG_4107I was craving pancakes all morning, so I had them for lunch & dinner on Sunday! Another stay at home study day, but together with some friend we suprised another friend for her birthday late in the evening! Happy Birthday to Mitra!

Thanks for stopping by again & remember, it’s springtime!
Spring is nature’s way of saying: let’s party!


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  1. maart 23, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Aaah leuk weer Jennyy

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