Photo Diary #11

Happy Monday!

I finally found the time to upload a new photo diary and share some highlights of the last couple of weeks. Also, todays’ post is a little update from my side, since some time has past and things have changed. So enjoy!


Summer is almost over and I was thinking what it is I want to do with my blog. I wanted to start with a fresh new look and feel, and make it more me: feminine, creative, outspoken and a lot of pictures! So I put in some time and effort, and changed it! I’m really pleased with the results so far and I hope you’ll like it too. Any comments or tips? Feel free to speak up.

I was looking at some pictures from my holiday in Barcelona and just wanted to share some of them with you guys. For the people who do not know me at all/that well: I’ve studied in Barcelona a few years ago and ever since then, it is my favorite city in Europe! Just to give you a glimpse of what our holiday was like; beach, food and love ♡


IMG_9260 IMG_9848

After my holiday to Barcelona in August, I came home with laryngitis and had to remove my tonsils. Unfortunately recovery from this operation took some time. Luckily my freezer was filled with ice-cream, Netflix was just one click away and my boyfriend, sister and Amaya took good care of me. Slowly I went back to work and enjoyed my free weekends!



My o my, I ate so much sugar! We organized a babyshower for a friend and the table was filled with all kinds of sweets. It was so much fun though! My sister also made this beautiful cake with a little baby on top – and yes, she makes them for orders as well!




And yesterday, Sunday the 13th of September, it was my nephews their birthdays! They turned 2 and it was such a lovely day. Again, filled with sweets, but most important: with love from my family! ♡ Happy Birthday Noah & Liam.

That’s it for now, of to a productive week!


Bisous, Jenny


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  1. Gezina
    september 14, 2015 at 6:25 pm

    Love the new layout Jenn and those food pics make my mouth water :p love you! Xx

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