Photo Diary #10

While I’m packing for my holiday, I thought it was time to quickly upload a photo diary to give you an impression on how my graduated & working life is going! I didn’t find much time for my blog since combining a 40 hours working life, with a social life is quite difficult. I’m really gonna enjoy my vacation to Barcelona and after my holiday, I will indulge you with some Catalan impressions! For now; enjoy my photo diary…

IMG_8149Monday Morning and the sun was shining! I love to wear bright colours during summer. Glimpse of my afternoon snack at work: grapes & green tea!

IMG_8150Moules et frites, spontaneous after work dinner with my besties. Since I had fries, the morning after my boyfriend forced me into a little bootcamp. Sweaty, but so satisfying!

IMG_8151Yeah happy new shoes! I spoiled myself & my boyfriend on a new pair of Adidas, since we’ve both did good in school last year. And an after gym selfie, nothing beats a fit body.. working on it! #fml

IMG_8152Another snack moment at work: low-fat quark, honey & nuts! I also wore my new Adidas Superstar, a casual Friday at work.

IMG_8153Weekends are to spend time with your loved ones. I prepared dinner for my family: spaghetti con frutti di mare! After that is was cuddle time with Amaya!

IMG_8154Initially, I would go to a day festival: Welcome to the Future. But unfortunately Dutch weather and storm destroyed our beautiful day. So we ended up at the Warehouse, a club in Amsterdam. Sunday was soup day, made of fresh pumpkin and coconut milk.

IMG_8155She smiled at me while I was holding her hand! My little Amaya Papaya. After work, I didn’t felt like preparing dinner, so we went to this Surinam place and I ordered roti – my fave!

IMG_8156I went running through the rain and it actually gave such a rush! After that I prepared some meals for lunch at work: Quinoa Salad.


Since my vacation is approaching, I felt like getting my nails done. It has been aches since I’ve had them done. And did you spot my new watch? A graduation gift from my sister and boyfriend! During the weekend we’ve visited a Fairytale park with the fam.

IMG_8158No words needed, the pictures say it all. I love to see my sister like this and I just love my family.

IMG_8159Gym time! The weather was so nice here during the weekend in the Netherlands, so I really can’t waitttt to go to Barcelona! Slowjuice-Sunday – grapefruit, carrots, pineapple, strawberries & spinach. My liquid gold.

I hope you enjoyed this elaborated photo diary! Follow me on Instagram for more pictures.


  2 comments for “Photo Diary #10

  1. augustus 3, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Fijne vakantie!

    • september 9, 2015 at 11:21 am

      Hihi, vakantie is allang weer over.. maar nog bedankt!

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