KIKO – Luscious Cream Lipstick

New in: KIKO Luscious cream lipstick with matching precision lipliner!


During my holiday in Barcelona, I had to visit the KIKO store. This brand sells affordable make-up, and other similar products, but is founded in Milan. A few years ago you could only get KIKO in the southern European countries, but currently KIKO is also available in the Netherlands! The locations I know of are Amstelveen and Amsterdam (central station) and I really recommend to pay a visit.


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One of my favorite lipsticks, is this one from KIKO. This creamy texture, but full and matt coverage is the perfect combination for me. Even though I love striking colors and I’m not afraid of trying out new things, I still will choose a simple nude or pink-ish color that simply matches every outfit or occasion.

I also bought a matching lipliner. Before I apply the lipstick, I first fully apply the lipliner to my lips. The colors match perfectly and give a soft, but warm pink glow. It does have a more purple undertone, which also makes it a great color for both summer and autumn!


As said, KIKO is very affordable. This luscious creamy lipstick, is available in 25 different colors. The precision lip pencil is available in 16 different shades and apply very easily. Both products come in clean, black packaging. The lipstick is covered in a shiny silver shell. The only downside is the way the lipstick shell opens and closes. I’d rather have a regular one. See webshop for more details and FYI: you can also shop everything online!

I’m quite curious about your favorite KIKO products, keep me posted!


Bisous, Jenny

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