Healthy Valentine Breakfast

Valentine is just around the corner, so why not surprise your ‘healthy-lover’ with a nice breakfast? Some people think Valentine is overrated, but I still think it’s cute to do something nice for each other!

Nowadays, a lot of women, but also men, want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, where healthy eating is key element. Holidays and birthdays often bring a lot of temptations, therefore I wanted to share these healthy Valentine’s day breakfast tips with you guys. Hope you like them!



My boyfriend bought me this cute and pink waffle iron, so it’s the perfect time to share a recipe for guilty-free waffles! I topped these waffles with a mixture of low-fat quark and vanilla soya yogurt. I also added some fresh strawberries, coconut flakes and honey. And to top it off; a dot of Nutella! You simply need to mix the following ingredients to make 3 medium sized waffles:

65gr almond flour
2 eggs
Pinch of salt
1/4 teaspoon of baking soda
Tablespoon of honey
Dash of cinnamon
Some vanilla essence



Another breakfast idea for Valentine, are these protein pancakes! I shared these pancakes in a earlier post, so click to see the full recipe! Who doesn’t like pancakes, right!?! You can top them off with toppings you like, and are ‘jummiest’ when they are still warm!

Smoothie & Omelets 

IMG_7487 IMG_7512

For the non-sweet-tooth, mini heart-shaped omelets are a perfect way to start Valentine’s day! I added some spring onion and spinach for flavour. I also bought these cutters for only 1 euro, and cut out these cute hearts. You can serve them with a slice of spelt or wholegrain bread. Next to this, a refreshing smoothie will do the trick! Need some recipe ideas for smoothies? See my earlier post!

Q: Do you got any nice plans for Valentine’s day?


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