Goat cheese and Beetroot salad

Lunch tip! This goat cheese and beetroot salad is one to love because of its strong taste. Not many people love goat cheese or beetroot for that matter, but I really LOVE ‘fromage de chèvre’.

And did you know that beetroot is packed with health benefits because of its dietary fiber, anti oxidants, potassium and magnesium!? Curious about which ingredients I mixed to get this rich and jummy salad?

Continuer s’il vous plaît!


3 Slices of Goat Cheese, I prefer the one with honey
1 Small cooked Beetroot
Half a large Pear
60gr cooked Quinoa
2 teaspoons of Pinenuts
Handful of mixed Salad
Some honey and Olive oil for the dressing
Salt & Pepper

1. Start by cooking your quinoa in water – or in a way you are used to it. Next, start frying your pinenuts in a frying pan. When cooked & fried, it’s time for them to cool down.

2. Now it’s time to cut up the goat cheese, beetroot and pear into smaller pieces. Add them in a bowl, together with a handful of mixed salad. 

3. Also add the cooked quinoa and pinenuts to the bowl. Mix everything together and add some honey and olive oil to make a dressing. Finish of with some salt & pepper!

Voila, you got yourself a rich and jummy lunch!

IMG_8157 IMG_8175

Q: Are you also a goat cheese addict!?


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