Easy waffle recipe


Todays’ post is a recipe for quick and easy fluffy waffles! I wanted to have a jummy breakfast, but keep it healthy. Wandering down the kitchen, I found one ripe banana and that was the start of todays’ food-love-story.


Ingredients for 2 waffles:
ripe Banana
1 egg
2 tbs of Buckwheat flour
dash of Vanilla aroma
Coconut Oil

low-fat Quark
shredded Cocos
Red Fruits

Start by mashing the banana into a puree. Add 1 egg and 2 table spoons of buckwheat flour. Mix it all together and add a dash of vanilla aroma. Pre-heat your waffle iron and melt a pinch of coconut oil. Add the mixture and let it bake for one minute or so. Voila, done!



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