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If you are reading this, it means that I’ve almost made it through my 5-days detox! Together with my sister and two best friends, we challenged ourselves with a juice-fasting detox, where we were only aloud to drink (green) smoothies for 5 days in a row! A detox will help your body to clean itself and purify your organs from all the possible toxins that are stored in your body. I made a schedule for myself before hand, so I knew what to buy during my grocery shopping. I know I had to work the first 3 days of the week, so I made all smoothies for those days and stored them in the freezer. And yes; I labeled them. I also sat up some ground rules I should follow during the detox. See below!

NOTE: I’m no nutrient, dietician or what so ever! I just made a schedule of smoothies that were realistic for me and which I even enjoyed while drinking!

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The first day was the hardest! It was cold outside; I had a headache and my body really needed to adjust to the situation. I was quite hungry and felt like an addict in rehab. What really helped for me was to inform everyone in my environment (family, friends, colleagues etc.) of my detox. Some of them made jokes of me when I took a sip from my green smoothie, while they eat their regular lunch. Others even complimented me on my dedication and willpower. This all really motivated me to go on with it!

Day 2 and 3 were quite the same. I worked at my internship and I could say my headaches diminished. It was as if my stomach was shrinking and was getting used to it. Next to the smoothies, I ate a plum just before lunchtime and a small handful of almonds around 3 or 4 pm. I drank a lot of water, nearly 2.5 to 3 litres a day. Water really flushes out the toxins; therefore the restroom was my best friend. I did do some cardio workouts, which really made me feel energized!


Day 4 and today (day 5) were my days off. I felt much more energized, since I slept for almost 10 hours in a row. I even went to the gym with my boyfriend, for an intensive leg workout. It took me some extra energy, but I really felt good during the whole day. I also ate some freshly made tomato soup for dinner, to change it up a bit. I’m planning to slowly build up to my ‘normal’ eating habits, so upcoming days I will still consume smoothies, but have a salad or some stir fried vegetables at some point.

This detox really made me more aware of all the things (sometimes crap) that I eat. I really can’t wait to eat my simple grilled salmon or chicken again, with some basic veggies and quinoa. This was the re-start of my healthy lifestyle.

Q: Did you ever do a detox? Care to share your experience and/or opinion?


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