Cod fish green curry

Todays’ post is on a home-made fish curry I made. During grocery shopping, I brought some cod fish (Dutch: kabeljauw) with me, having no clue what to do with it. I just knew it was packed with protein – namely 22gr protein per 100gr. I’m a big fan of stews and curry’s, so decided to make my own sort of green curry for dinner! Wanna try it for yourself? See the jummy result below!


 You’ll need quite a lot! The following ingredients will do for 2 large portions:

250gr Cod Fish
20gr Coriander
10gr Parsley
Half a Chili Pepper
1 Large Red Onion
5 Cloves of Garlic
Ground Cumin
Paprika Powder
A Lemon
200ml Coconut milk
2 spoons of Fish sauce
Salte & Pepper

First start by marinating the cod fish. Mix 1/3 of the coriander with the juice of half a lemon, the parsley, 2 cloves of garlic, a teaspoon of cumin and paprika powder. Also add 2 spoons of water to the mixture. Cut the cod fish into smaller pieces and let them soak in the marinade for 20 minutes.


As the fish is soaking in the marinade, prepare your curry paste. Take the remaining coriander, with the chili pepper, red onion, 3 cloves of garlic and grind everything together in a kitchen machine. Add a spoon of ground cumin and paprika powder, along with some salt en pepper to the curry paste.

Take out the cod fish and fry them in a frying pan with some coconut oil. Fry on each side, until the fish is cooked. In a wok pan, fry the curry paste with some coconut oil for 3/4 minutes on a low fire. Subsequently, add the coconut milk and fish sauce to the curry paste and stir fry. Finally, add the cod fish to the curry and let it cook for 5 more minutes until all flavors are well absorbed.

IMG_6310 IMG_6325

Dinner is ready! The curry is rich in flavor, so I simply served this dish with quinoa and bimi’s, also known as baby broccoli’s. I took some time, but I love experimenting with flavors and ingredients. It worked out fine and we enjoyed big time!

Q: Next time I’m gonna spice it up a bit and add some more chili pepper, or make a red curry. Got any tips?


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