Cocos Oil Aman Prana

How I love to incorporate coconut in my dishes! Coconut milk, cocos flakes and coconut oil. Obviously, I was very pleased to receive this product and couldn’t wait to try it out! Curious about this extra virgin Cocos Oil from Aman Prana, read further!


I mainly use coconut oil to bake and stir fry my meat or fish and other food, almost every day. And jummm, it has got such a nice smell to it! Just let it melt and embrace the coconut aroma. The oil has got a plain white color and creamy texture, but turns hard when put in the fridge.

IMG_9613 IMG_9603

The extra virgin coconut oil by Aman Prana, comes in different sizes: 325ml or 1600ml. The product is 100% raw, doesn’t contain any gluten and is bio. Coconut oil is said to increase body’s resistance to infection and disease. You can also use it as a spreading for your bread or for your body and hair!


 Q: Do you also use coconut oil? Tell me about your experience!


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