Healthy Valentine Breakfast

Valentine is just around the corner, so why not surprise your ‘healthy-lover’ with a nice breakfast? Some people think Valentine is overrated, but I still think it’s cute to do something nice for each other! Nowadays, a lot of women, but also men, want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, where healthy eating is key element. Holidays and birthdays often bring… Read more →


Alpro Soya: Blue berries

Happy Friday loves!! Time to share one of my current breakfast favorites! I’m trying to eat less dairy product, because they often make my belly feel bloated. I’ve also watched the documentary ‘Forks over Knives’, where the focus lays on a ‘Whole-Food, Plant-Based Diet’. This is fancy for: Fruit, Vegetables and Whole grains. You should def watch it or visit… Read more →


Smoothies, Juices and more!

Smoothies smoothies smoothies! I try to make them everyday, for my daily dosis of fruit and vegetable! Here is a quick post of my current favorites, with some mouth watering pictures. Curious what I used to create these tasty smoothies? Read further! Summer Glow Small Banana An Apple 2 Oranges Handful of freshly cut pineapple  3/4 ice cubes Sweet Pink Handful… Read more →


Banana Bread Recipe

It’s almost weekend, that means baking time! For a while now I wanted to try this banana bread thing, of which I see it more as a banana cake.The cake turned out perfect for my first try! So I wanted to share the recipe with you of my Banana (cake) Bread: Ingredients: 3 Ripe bananas 3 eggs 40gr Coconut Flour  Dash… Read more →


Protein Pancakes I

Breakfast tip: Protein Pancakes! On my days off, I like to enjoy a more extensive breakfast. This time I made protein pancakes for me and the BF. I got inspired by a healthy foodblogger called Healthyfans, who I follow for a while now. It’s simple, quick and delicious! Read the recipe and directions below. Ingredients: 50gr Protein powder (any kind you… Read more →


Juice Fasting – Detox

If you are reading this, it means that I’ve almost made it through my 5-days detox! Together with my sister and two best friends, we challenged ourselves with a juice-fasting detox, where we were only aloud to drink (green) smoothies for 5 days in a row! A detox will help your body to clean itself and purify your organs from… Read more →