Goat cheese and Beetroot salad

Lunch tip! This goat cheese and beetroot salad is one to love because of its strong taste. Not many people love goat cheese or beetroot for that matter, but I really LOVE ‘fromage de chèvre’. And did you know that beetroot is packed with health benefits because of its dietary fiber, anti oxidants, potassium and magnesium!? Curious about which ingredients I mixed… Read more →


Peanut Butter Cookies

What’s not to love about Peanut Butter!? Initially I wanted to make bliss balls, but ended up adding to much coconut flakes to the mixture, by accident. So the texture was a bit too dry, and therefor perfect for soft cookies! So easy, and so peanut-butter-jummy! For the topping I used melted dark chocolate (at least 70% cacao), together with… Read more →