Alpro Soya – Peach

Do you remember my post on the Alpro Soya Blue berries, the plant based alternative to yogurt? Well this is the sequel! Todays’ post is on the Alpro Soya Peach, which to my opinion is even ‘jummier’ than the blue berries! So here’s another review, with of course some pictures.


And again, for the Dutchies & Germans I included the Nutritional Values. But here are some overall benefits of the product:
100% plant-based and rich in plant protein
Naturally low in saturated fat
Naturally lactose free & gluten free
Contains calcium, vitamins B12 and D

The Alpro Soya Peach comes in the same packaging as the previous one I blogged on. Their plant based yogurt alternatives also come in cardboard packs with a larger amount, but not in all flavors. The peach flavor is very sweet and it has got a soft beige, peachy colour and creamy texture. It also contains little pieces of peach!

Schermafbeelding 2015-03-31 om 20.22.44 IMG_8547

This is just one of my favorite breakfast combinations: Alpro Soya Peach with plain muesli & some cranberries! Very easy for the rushed mornings and tasteful as well! They also came with some new flavors such as almond and coconut. So, to be continued.. 

Q: What is your favorite plant based alternative to yogurt?


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